Benefits of using Fuchs oil

With so many lubricant brands across the globe, it is hard to compete with all of them. You have to come out strong and powerful with something great and capable in hand, to alter the market tendency and purchasing trends of the buyers. This requires something special, something convenient and sustainable as well in today’s era. That something special is offered by the Fuchs Lubricant oil brand in the lubrication industry. This something special is XTL technology. XTL stands for “Extreme Temperature Lubrication”. This is a new generation of vehicle lubricants with exceptional performance in extreme conditions and temperatures,” said Jan Alm, Product Manager Automotive at FUCHS Nordic.

Fuchs Lubricant

Fuchs Lubricant offers this technology due to the quality base oil behind the manufacturing of this lubricant class, which gives the end product superb viscosity-temperature properties. These temperature handling and viscosity properties make it hard enough to sustain and bear the harsh impacts of temperature increase due to the combustion process and maintain its viscosity standards to cope up with a better performance guarantee. The oil also has better aging stability, making it reliable for longer periods and lower viscosity increase over time. Engine oils by Fuchs Lubricants based on XTL technology offer less friction, to support sliding contact of the moving parts during engine running, which in turn reduces fuel consumption. The tests run by the company’s labs show that fuel consumption decreases by up to 1.7% compared to a high-performance SAE 10W-40. Oil consumption decreases since these oils are less volatile and don’t evaporate to the same degree. These are some of the characters that make them special and stand able among the race of lubricant oils. A better and reliable lubricant brand is one that sustains for a longer streak, retains its viscosity, and fights well with higher temperature conditions, can withstand the coldest temperatures, and possess the ability to quickly cover the quick start and stop scenarios. All of these abilities could be found in the Fuchs Lubricant class.

Biodegradable engine

Above all of this, Fuchs Lubricants have offered a new biodegradable engine oil for commercial and off-highway vehicles which has enhanced their environmental credentials up to a new level. They categorize it as suitable for engines with the highest power rating and highest thermal stress, as well as, meeting requirements for piston cleanliness and providing extended oil drain intervals. This amazing engine oil comes with the brand name of PLANTO MOT SAE 10W-40 and different other grades and viscosities as well. Pick the right grade and viscosity suitable to your engine mentioned by your car’s manufacturer in the owner’s manual. Today‘s world concerns more about sustainable moves and development. This is appropriately designed and produced to cover up all the needs through proper channels and with an appropriate product. Therefore, Fuchs Lubricants has something extraordinary to offer to its clients and hence proved itself more beneficial and trustworthy than its nearby rivals.